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At Premiere Signs we offer our customers a wide variety of services related to signs and signage. It starts with professional Consultation where we help lead our customers in the right direction. We also work hand in hand with them when it comes to design. Obviously signs make huge impressions and the right design is vital to achieve a memorable or striking impression. When it comes to design we consider your entire site and site branding. This is one of the areas that many sign companies fall short in. Branding and site branding improves your image, your professionalism and company recall with prospects and customers.


Premiere Signs also does a lot of the "behind the scenes" work for our customers, including vital aspects of signage including pulling the proper permits. Of course we do Sign Fabrication and Sign Installation, both areas that we excel in. However, Premiere doesn't stop there. We have a reputation for Sign Service, Sign Maintenance and Sign Repair. It's all part of what we have been doing for our customers for over 3 decades.


This is just part of the types of services that has made Premiere Signs Michiana's Premiere Sign company!



At Premiere Signs we know that the first step in developing a great signage program is to work with our customers to identify and understand their needs and objectives. Once we know what they want to achieve, and exactly what they need, we are able to consult them and assist them with the right materials, fabrication and installation.

This is how we are able to provide them the proper solution (or options) to satisfy their needs. We feel this is a critical aspect of any great signage project and how every signage project should begin.



You cannot create or design unless and until you understand your craft. At Premiere Signs we understand our craft from top to bottom, inside and out. We have produced not hundreds, but thousands of signs for companies and organizations throughout the midwest region.

Our creative team is well versed in virtually every type of signage imaginable. From neon and directional signs to store front signs and banners and vehicle wraps, at Premiere we have the in-depth experience, expertise and understanding of most all varieties of signs. This helps us design and create better, more effective signage. Add that to the fact that we have extremely talented designers and a very creative staff, and that gives us a huge edge over the competition.


Premiere fabricates a variety of signs and sign types and we consider fabrication (or the actual manufacturing process of a sign) to be vital. If a sign is properly fabricated it will look the way it was intended. It will be durable, safe and it could last for decades. The Fabrication process at Premiere is one we are proud of. Our sign fabricators understand the various materials used in sign production as well as the various types of procedures used in different types of fabrication. In addition, they understand the installation process which helps them build signs so that they can be installed properly later in the sign production process.


By understanding the fabrication process and having expert sign fabricators, Premiere Signs is able to manufacture some of the very best signs in the business!


The Premiere Installation Team is the best in the business. When we install your new sign you can rest assured it will be safely and properly installed so that it looks the way it was designed to look and serves you the way we intended it when we fabricated it. Sign Installation is just as important to Premiere Signs as Sign Fabrication or making the sign in the first place.


One of the most overlooked aspects of a sign project is acquiring the proper (and necessary) permits. There are many bodies of government that have control over signs and sign construction. Often getting a permit is very timely and can be an expensive process if you don’t understand it (or do it right). And if you install a sign and do not have the proper permits you could be fined, or worse, you could be forced to tear the sign down.


At Premiere, we are very well versed when it comes to sign permits. We know the laws or can quickly find out what the requirements and ordinances are. In fact, we will even secure your permit for you so that you don’t have to invest your time in this, sometimes difficult, and burdensome process. This is just one more advantage that Premiere Signs delivers to you.


Other services that Premiere Signs offers are both Sign Service and Sign Repair. These services are vital in keeping your sign looking fresh and like new. Often these services also ensure that your sign not only has a longer lifespan but also is safer for life and property. A well maintained sign can look like it was just installed, for years and years. For more information on Sign Repair and/or Sign Maintenance call Premiere at 574.533.8585


Everyone knows the power of Branding when it comes to logo, slogans, color, mascots, packaging and the other sorts of identity branding. However, sometimes business owners forget to incorporate branding into their signage program. When a company or organization utilizes Sign Branding throughout a property we refer to it as “Site Branding”. This powerful form of brand identity delivers continuity, theme and of course brand identity throughout your facility and property. This is just one more service that Premiere Signs delivers you. Please ask your Sign Consultant for more information about this important service.



One of Premiere Signs services that is often overlooked is Area Lighting. We have the people, equipment and expertise to do Area Lighting for supermarkets, auto dealerships, retail stores, warehouses... even schools and medical facilities. If you have a parking area that needs lighted, please give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE - 574.533.8585

When you are in the market for a new sign or signage Premiere Signs will be happy to provide you with a Free Estimate. Call us today at 574.533.8585 or contact us here