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Our Signs Mean Business!


If you're looking for Exterior Signage, Premiere Signs should be your first choice. We work carefully with our customers to develop most every type of exterior signage including; building mounted signs, signs made of channel letters, monument signs and of course pylon signs... as well as many other types of outdoor or exterior signs.

With years of experience in designing and manufacturing exterior signs, Premiere has helped hundreds of local, regional and even national customers by developing, creating, manufacturing and installing their outdoor signs. From freestanding signs such as pylon and monument signs to wall mounted (or building mounted) signage and channel letters, Premiere Signs produces custom exterior signage that delivers exceptional impressions and lasts for decades.



At Premiere Signs we design your Building Mounted Signage to complement your architecture and surroundings while maintaining your specific branding. We construct and install your signage to ensure that they will withstand environmental conditions including inclement weather.


Premiere's Building or Structural Mounted Signs can enhance the existing architecture and often even improve the look of your facility or building. Our building mounted signs can even serve as a stand-alone sign which enhances your brand.



At Premiere Signs we create some of the coolest, most effective Monument Signs in the business. Our Monument Signs have a lower profile than most Building Mounted Signs or Pylon Signs but certainly hold their own when it comes to attention and longevity. In addition, Monument Signs by Premiere have other outstanding advantages over other types of exterior signs including the fact that they can be placed most anywhere on a property without the constraints of Pylon Signage, Channel Letters, Building Mounted and other types of exterior signage.


Another advantage of Monument Signs by Premiere is the versatility of the look due in part to the many types of materials that can be incorporated into these signs. From bricks and stones to metals and wood, from aluminum to PVC and a myriad of other materials, these signs are versatile, durable and unique.


​​​​​​Furthermore, our monument signs can incorporate lighting, digital displays, electronic message centers and more. Premiere's Monument Signs always get another look!



At Premiere Signs we believe that Channel Letters are some of the best types of signs when it comes to branding. We utilize Channel Letter Signs to help our customers reinforce their brands. Using Channel Letters to reproduce logos, logo type, colors and customers brands in general make this type of signage one of the most popular and effective in the sign business.


We use a variety of specialized manufacturing techniques and quality materials to enhance and even improve our customers images. Let us help you make your image bigger than life with our carefully crafted signs.



Pylon Signs stand heads above most other types of signs and therefore have a giant competitive advantage over other signs. At Premiere Signs we realize that simply due to their sheer size (and height) Pylon Signs are often seen from long distances, attracting attention from far away and peering over other signs.


At Premiere we create Pylon Signs with a couple of objectives in mind. First they must be safe and be able to withstand the elements. Our Pylon Signs are engineered with that objective as a significant goal. Next, they are constructed to withstand high winds and nasty weather. Finally, at Premiere Signs we ensure that the final product is something that will get your customers undivided attention.


If you are looking for a sign that will stand head and shoulders over other signs, consider a Pylon Sign from Premiere Signs. Call us today for a free estimate 574.533.8585.

When you are in the market for a new sign or signage Premiere Signs will be happy to provide you with a Free Estimate. Call us today at 574.533.8585 or contact us here