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Our Signs Mean Business!


When it comes to Interior Signage, Premiere Signs is a Rock Star. We analyze our customers needs and identify their objectives so that we can create the most effective interior signage possible; from Lobby Signs, Wayfinding Signs, Digital Displays and Wall & Floor Graphics to Banners, Posters, Wall Plaques... you name it, we create it.

With years of expertise in designing and manufacturing Interior Signage, Premiere has created hundreds of local, regional and even national customers by developing, creating, manufacturing and installing their indoor signs. We listen to our customers needs, develop the basics and then create/manufacture interior signs that meet our customers goals.



Lobby or Reception Area Signs welcome visitors and guests as they enter your establishment. At Premiere we realize the importance of having Lobby and Reception Signage that meets your objectives as well as ensuring that your signage is legible, inviting and fits with your general decor. This may very well be a visitor's (or customer's) first impression... and it should certainly be a positive and lasting impression. Furthermore, issues such as size, color, texture, materials and how the signage is mounted or attached is also significant. At Premiere Signs we take all of these things into consideration before we even begin your project.



A very common type of signage is Directional or Wayfinding Signage. This type of signage help visitors and guests find their way in your facility (as well as outside of your building of course). These types of signs work well in most larger establishments including hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, theme parks, grocery stores and other buildings where finding specific areas might be an issue without guidance. Directional signs help customers, clients and guests as they make their way through your place of business faster and with less frustration. This type of signage is perfect for areas where you want to direct visitors quickly and easily.



Floor and Wall Graphics are perfect as another form of direction or information for guests visiting your facility. They are typically used to inform visitors of specific information or as directional helpers. However, Floor & Wall Graphics can also be used to set a mood or even as a form of art. Some companies use Floor & Wall Graphics  to reinforce their brands. Regardless of what your intent, needs or objectives are related to Floor or Wall Graphics, Premiere Signs can help you meet them.



Another useful type of signage that we produce regularly at Premiere Signs is Wall & Door Plaques. This type of signage is once again helpful in improving a facility's overall image, can help reinforce a brand, is perfect for identifying specific areas of a facility and is also very useful for directions and specific types of communication. Wall & Door Plaques and Signage is becoming more popular and people are discovering more ways to use it to improve guests relations and keep visitors moving in the right direction.



Interior Posters and Banners is an excellent way to communicate a myriad of information to customers and visitors of your facility alike. You can use them as temporarily under construction signs, Sales Signs, Upcoming Event Signs, for policy and price changes and pretty much anything else that you can imagine. What's more, Posters and Banners are typically very inexpensive, easy to hang or install and can be produced... changed almost immediately. If you have a need for Posters or Banners for your facility (interior or exterior) just give us a call and let us see if we can assist you.



At Premiere we design and manufacture every type of lighted interior sign you can imagine, From backlit interior signs to LED interior signs... even neon signs. We design each one of these signs with consideration taken to surrounding lighting or ambient lighting, surrounding colors, patterns and textures, surrounding elements, usage and intention... and of course the objective of the sign itself. At Premiere we have developed thousands of types of interior signs and some of our favorite just happen to be Lighted Interior Signs!

When you are in the market for a new sign or signage Premiere Signs will be happy to provide you with a Free Estimate. Call us today at 574.533.8585 or contact us here