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At Premiere Signs not only do we create exceptional signs of every kind but we also offer our customers a myriad of other products and services that serve businesses and organizations in our community. From yard signs and banners to directional signage and parking lot lighting, from cool vehicle wraps to door decals... even flags, flagpoles and pennants.

No matter what type of sign or related services that you need we can help... because at Premiere Signs, We Mean Business!



At Premiere Signs we create hundreds of yard signs each year. These versatile signs are a very inexpensive form of advertising your message, name or brand in general. Yard signs are a must for political campaigns, realtors and service contractors (doing current work on properties, lawns and other contracting services). However, yard signs serve companies and organizations in many other ways such as announcements, advertising sales or specials and even new ownership. The fact is, there are countless ways to utilize well-designed yard signs. If you need help or have questions regarding yard signage design, size or costs, please feel free to give us a call- 574.533.8585



Banners may very well be the most popular type of signage available today. Banners are inexpensive, can be designed to be extremely impactful, very colorful or can set a specific mood. In addition, with today's technology, banners can be produced quickly... and manufactured small... or oversized (which have a huge impact on audiences). While most banners are temporary, many are used season after season, year after year so long as they are cared for and stored properly.


At Premiere Signs, we do banners for virtually every type of organization and business you can imagine. In fact, due to the inexpensive investment of banners, even individuals are using them at weddings, reunions, anniversaries, birthdays and special events. If you're in the market for a banner give us a shout. You can contact us here or call 574.533.8585



At Premiere Signs we not only manufacture beautiful and effective signage, we also do parking lot lighting. As the world changes more and more companies are insisting on better lighting in their lots to protect not only customers and employees but property as well. At Premiere we have developed a special division of our company that focuses on effective, cost-affordable parking lot lighting. If you are in need of new or additional lighting for your parking lot, feel free to contact us for information or a quote. Contact us here


More companies than ever are utilizing vehicle wraps to promote their businesses. This type of promotion is fantastic because it works for you every time you or your staff drives (or even parks) your company vehicles. The fact is, many companies are covering multiple vehicles (or even their entire fleet) with vehicle wraps.


Vehicle wraps from Premiere Signs are vivid, striking, attention-getting and powerful when it comes to reinforcing your brand. These larger than life, moving billboards always get attention... and often generate sales just by being driven down the street. One quick note here- always make sure that whoever designs your vehicle wrap that they understand not only great, effective design, but that they also understand how to design vehicle wraps which are unique when it comes to the design process. If you are interested in vehicle wraps or have questions about them, always make your first call to Premiere! Click here to see a few samples of our Vehicle Wraps



There are four types of directional signage (also known as Wayfinding Signs). The four basic types include: identification signage, directional signage, informational signs and in some instances regulatory signs.At Premiere Signs we offer all four types of signs and can consult you regarding types, styles, placement and some regulations. If you would like more information on Directional Signage call us at 574.533.8585



Find the right flagpole for your company, organization or residence at Premiere. We always offer competitive prices for premium-quality flags, flagpoles and pennants. Our experts can help you choose the right flagpole for your location, climate and budget. Selecting the correct flagpole is an important decision and at Premiere we can help guide you in the right direction. There may be some factors to keep in mind when making decisions on flagpoles, including location, local ordinances, where the pole will be located on your property and how your flagpole will blend with its surroundings. As always, you can contact Premiere Signs and get more information and FREE ESTIMATES! Contact us here

If you are interested in one of our products or services we are always happy to provide free estimates. Call Premiere Signs today at 574.533.8585 or contact us here.

At Premiere "Our Signs Mean Business!"